Corporate Membership

Why invest in a corporate membership?

• Reduced Health Care Costs
• Increased Productivity
• Reduced Absenteeism and Reduced Turnover
• Positive Return on Investment

Sounds good, huh? These are just a few of the basic benefits of starting a corporate fitness program. Please call us to schedule a free consultation on our Corporate Membership plan. We also offer special rates for companies having five or more employees join.

“Wellness programs in general, and fitness programs in particular may be one of the only employee benefits which pay money back. When more people come to work, you don’t need to pay overtime or temporary help; when people stay at the job longer, training costs go down; lower health care claims cost you less if you’re self-insured – and health care insurers, as well as some companies, are already beginning to create premiums based on fitness levels.”

D.W. Edington, Ph.D., University of Michigan

“I have tried many gyms and I love The Fitness Factor. I enjoy the motivation I get from the instructors as well as from being in a group. We always have a fun time and get a great workout!”